8 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

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JYJCPCTeam member Arzu Onuklu [@yakamoz109]

I went to Ankara on 4 Feb. we arrived in the morning after 5 hours we went to esenboğa airport in Ankara for welcome Jaejoong oppa.When he arrived airport I felt so good when I saw him first time I can just said: jaejoong oppa  and I waited this moment from 4 years I felt just thankfull kim jaejoong that time.jaejoong oppa so tired but he waved his hand for us. tomorrow (5 feb) we went venue at 7 am and we waited outside cause  we were be staff this event.And my firends came there we went in and we started organize Jaejoong2s backstage room we took  a lot of pics. we had news about when he will come  venue.I just felt so excited.When he came backstage room we are just two person (me and my friend tuğçe) in there. When I first time saw him I can say just welcome mr jaejoong my friend =>tuğçe say korean welcome and he bowl and immediately I opened door for him and I showed him where he will sit down. he sit down and First he saw our newspaper we put on table cause the newspaper had about jaejoong news.when he saw newspaper he said woow and after he saw our train and he played this train ^^

he took off his jacket I took this for him I helped he said kamsanhida. Our mc Cansu Ceylan went in there they talked about event.after fan meeting we wanna celebrate this so we wanna go asian rest. our team went sushico can see our team

maybe after 30 min I saw Jaejoong oppa but we didnt any act.because we didnt wanna bother him. jaejoong oppa and his manager,ister and his staff sat at the table against.we can see them but we didnt look more that table cause of same reason. but maybe 15 min his interpreter looked us and he waved his hands to us.jaejoong oppa greeted us I waved my hands He smiled .when they finished meals we wanna talk them and we wanna took his sign but we hesitated to a bit.my friend Cansu Ceylan went there and she asked them.They allowed this and we talked a bit oppa was be so happy that time he gave us his sign this is mine

 I was be so excited ı said first Arzu he didnt understand and after I said my name is arzu he wrote my name and sign my seoul concert dvd. he showed us visual couple pic and he said my friend tuğçe "my asian fans kill u " and he laughed and ı said if she didnt be my friend ı kill her after his interpreter translate this he laughed a lot. when he go he return and said us "have a good night" and he waved his hands we were be so thankfull and that day we can talk his interpreter about organization.

P.S ı am sorry maybe I forget some details cause I was be so excited and shocked that day.ı will write fan acc 2 tomorrow becaue we were be same flight with jaejoong.

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